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Apr 17 17 5:14 AM

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not sure if these bugs only appear when using WINE on LINUX or not   (using WINE on Mac OSX crashes, currently, so untestable).  I do not have a windows machine.

Bug 1) when using the map, character location is off by 1 block
Bug 2) when using the updated hi-res graphics option, the encounter monsters do not graphically appear (music plays, encounter happens, but you never see the image)

(these also appeared in version 0.8)

If these bugs are only when using WINE, then they may not be high priority, as we know you are working on a native mac version (though Linux users still need to use WINE)

--UBUNTU 14.04 LTS
--WINE 1.6.2


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May 18 17 9:06 PM

Sorry I'd missed this post. Both these are genuine bugs which aren't WINE specific. They'll probably not both get fixed in 0.82 as certainly the second may require a fair bit of work. Thanks for reporting these.

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